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$8.25 Billion
is spent annually for 1 million women on select welfare
$19.2 Billion
can be generated in federal income taxes
$16.5 Billion
will be used to spur economic growth in local communities

What is the One Million Moms off Welfare by 2025 Initiative?

The One Million Moms OFF Welfareâ„¢ (1MMOW) by 2025 begins and ends with a 10-point exit strategy designed to move welfare moms from dependency to self-sufficiency and independence.  Our 2 prong approach allows us to first directly service moms, through a series of regional and state boot-camps where moms are quickly assessed and given a blueprint that aligns best with their innate abilities and through our Empowerment Network, which gives moms an online digital learning platform to gain motivation, insight, resources and support to stay the course.

The 1MMOW Empowerment Network is available to moms willing to pay the $3.00 a month user fee.  We believe that if a mom is not willing to invest $3.00 into her future, then she WILL NOT move OFF welfare dependency and if she is unable to access a virtual platform, she CANNOT move OFF welfare dependency.  All 1MMOW participants must be willing and able to travel the road to self-sufficiency.

The goals of One Million Moms OFF WelfareTM (1MMOW) are simple:

  • Increase Earnings for Moms,
  • Decrease dependency on Social Welfare Programs,
  • Increase taxes for local, state and federal budgets, and 
  • Spur economic Growth for local business economies

No Matter Your Lifestyle

We are moms who have lived and exited the welfare system and here to help 1 million more make their exit.
No Matter Your Lifestyle
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Learn & Explore

Learn & Explore

One Million Moms OFF Welfare has developed a 10 point exit strategy which integrates communication across local, state and federal systems. 

Executing one the largest human capital development campaign of our time, we are revolutionizing the pathways to self- sufficiency.  

Learn & Explore

We work alongside service providers such as Public Housing Authorities, Department of Social Services and Non-Profits who administer various self-sufficiency programs and prime both clients and staff for program success.  

We present to providers, the most motivated moms for their self-sufficiency programs. 

Learn & Explore

Our model is based on incentives which offers a hand up, as compared the hand-outs programs consistently give to moms.  We give moms the tools, the practice and the protection to fish on their own.  

This is the type of true empowerment that can only produce after its own kind, thus putting an end to generational poverty. 

Invest in Yourself and Other Moms

Invest In Yourself
Invest In Other Moms
Invest In The Vision
What Moms Are Saying
The 1MMOW is the blueprint to a sustainable lifestyle.

No more shameful struggling, handouts and unclear or blurry pathways. Having gone through the welfare system with four children, and learning that this system which promised to provide for me and my family was the one thing that truly was holding me back. I have built the bridge to financial liberty and our partners have built the vehicles by which to travel. Together, we will eliminate our dependency and elevate our minds to the higher purpose for which we were created. Never have we had a strategy which addressed those things which makes us dependent and policies which make it hard for us to become independent.

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